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Saturday, April 21, 2012

What Are You Looking At?

Hi Fans and Friends I know a lot of you surf to this blog expecting to see updates. That's so sweet of you, but my updated blog is at my site. Please make a note of it and bookmark it. Well that is all enjoy this old blog and my other old blog. They will both be here for the time being, but go to my page that is where the action is! xoxox Ciao, Miss X

Friday, October 03, 2008

Does Anyone Have Money These Days

Ok...the news is...all the world is bankrupt. Hmmm how did that happen? I guess too much spending by those fat rich cats while all of us hard working folks sweated our asses off. Maybe we should pay more attention to what's going on with finance and economics instead of playing around. I'm an artist so I know what hard knocks life is like.
Anyway here's some Burning Man 2008 photography to enjoy. That's me in the dust mask!
Hey, come pose for me in New York. Contact me by email and let's set something up, especially if you have a body like the guy in the cowboy hat below!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Year...Where did it go?

Can't believe it's almost 2008. More of the same? Let's hope not. Let's make it a better world shall we. Let's give more and experiment with creativity. Let's help the people who need help those most, no strings attached.
What happened around here all year? Well, lots of activity including a very nice shoot produced by my friends at Hotsapien. They are perhaps the most innovative when it comes to shooting public sensual photography and videos. They sent me the model and I happily shot him (in the streets and in studio). Thank you Mr. Ricky Martinez for being such a fun guy about the shoot and make sure to put those photos to good use। Thanks to Candice and Jose for putting this all together as well as sending this sexy short film to share with my readers।
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Off to Capetown, South Africa in January, so all of you cfnm lovers who want to pose, contact me ASAP via my email address or the website (click here) We can arrange a fee if your budget is not the best, but if you're a millionaire, muscular rocket scientist who loves to show off, my artist fees are the same. LOL...just serious

My good online pal, Jack who I hope has recuperated totally and doing well. Looking forward to seeing your artistic self nudes in the group! XOXOXOX

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Working Hard

Keeping busy is not just for "fun"; I do it for a living. So it's a luxury when you nice folks chat with me online. Thanks to the following very nice people (Catie for cluing me in on webcams, Wisedi#$# hoho, for being a cute chatter, Marcus, and of course the great Jerbear).
Looking forward to shooting some of you as well. Feel free to contact me to book a shoot if you're in the area.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Traveling Again

Duty calls and I must travel to South Africa to do a photo assignment. I appreciate all of your comments and emails, so please keep them coming. Feel free to contact me to create your personal nude portfolio. Years from now you'll look at your photos and be thankful you posed nude for my lens. To hire me as your photographer for a true cfnm nude photo session, email me (click the contact link in my profile).
See you soon!

A gift for my fans(this was shot by my friend Candice with help from my friend Katarina)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Love of the Art...

getting back into the swing of things after a long trip to Europe. It was restful and at times very hectic. Now it's time to start shooting again. As mentioned earlier, the tea party is in planning, so let's see if it happens this year. (fingers crossed). Despite the many criticisms from some, the majority of feedback has been very inspirational. Thanks to all of those who shared their kind words. It's for the love of the art certainly. It looks nice. (Click to get movie)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back in the USA

After a restful European trip (UK, Germany etc), I'm back in the states. Remember to contact me if you wish to pose in a highly stylish and artistically sensual series of photographs. You get a true cfnm shoot on dvd/cd for your personal use. It's too costly for me to shoot anyone for free that's why I charge a fee, but I don't think some understand this.
In any case, I'm hoping to hold a cfnm tea party (or masquerade ball), but it's going to take planning, so we'll see if it can happen before end of 2006. If not it will be in 2007. Remember I just got back, so I'm bogged with things to get done. Thank you for all those who have contacted me to RSVP. I will make sure to put your names on the guest list.

Come pose for me.